1. EIDO Verify (Verify) is owned and operated by EIDO Systems International Limited a company registered in England & Wales with company registration number 09485836 (EIDO).

2. If you have a user account for Verify your employer (Employer) will have entered into an agreement (User Agreement) with an entity that is an authorised distributor of EIDO (Distributor) under which your Employer is permitted to have access to Verify.

3. These Terms of Use (Terms) govern your use of Verify.

4. The Terms have legal effect between you and the Distributor, and where a provision is expressed to be for its benefit, EIDO. By accessing Verify you agree to comply with, and be legally bound by, the Terms. If you do not wish to be legally bound by the Terms you must not access Verify.

5. By providing you with a user account the Distributor permits you to access Verify on behalf of your Employer. Your Employer is responsible for your use and actions relating to Verify, and ensuring that you only use Verify as permitted by these Terms.

6. You may only use Verify on behalf of your Employer at its premises (Premises) in connection with treatment being provided to a patient at such Premises. You may not otherwise make Verify available for use by any person.

7. All intellectual property rights in Verify are owned by EIDO or a third party provider of services to EIDO.

8. Verify is provided to your Employer, and neither EIDO nor the Distributor shall have any liability to you whether for breach of contract, negligence or otherwise in relation to your use of it. You should note in particular that Verify is not intended to constitute:

a. a definitive or complete statement of any surgical and/or medical procedure; nor

b. medical and/or surgical advice in any specific situation.

9. Your access to Verify may be suspended or terminated at any time including if the User Agreement expires or is terminated, or you are using or have used Verify in breach of these Terms or the User Agreement.

10. You agree and understand that the Distributor may process your personal information in accordance with its privacy statement. Cookies are used on the Download Centre in accordance with such privacy statement.

11. The Distributor may change these Terms at its discretion, such changes will be effective from the next time you use Verify.

12. These Terms are governed by the laws of England.