1. Finding the patient

2. Select "Send Draft Consent Form" for the procedure

1. Finding the patient

To send an information article to a patient, first search for and select the patient from the list on the left hand side of the dashboard.

Once you have selected the patient from the list you will see their details in the right-hand pane. Before proceeding, double check that the details match those of the patient you intend to send the article to.

Note: If the patient details are incorrect or outdated, please refer to our guide on updating incorrect patient details before proceeding as this information is used to verify the patients' identity when accessing the article.

If the patient has not already been sent an information article, please refer to our guide on sending an information article to a patient as this is required before we can send them a draft consent form.

Locate the existing procedure to send the consent form for. These are shown as a column of cards in the patient view.

There are two ways to send the consent form. Either click on 'Send Draft Consent Form' on the procedure card, or click on the 'OPTIONS' menu on the card then select 'Send Draft Consent Form'.