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Covid-19 update

Health professionals must tell patients about the risks associated with Covid-19, and the precautions they need to take before coming to hospital for a procedure and when they are there. An additional page has been inserted into every EIDO procedure document explaining the risks associated with Covid-19. Please ensure you download any documents you need as and when you need them. Previous versions may not contain the most up-to-date information.

The insert includes a generic Covid-19 statement and emphasises patient choice. This applies to all documents. A message follows which is specific to the type of procedure the patient is having and the circumstances of the procedure. The categories are:

  1. Elective surgery
  2. Cancer surgery
  3. Emergency surgery
  4. Emergency paediatric surgery
  5. Elective paediatric surgery
  6. Paediatric diagnostic
  7. Diagnostic elective procedure
  8. Childbirth
  9. Elective procedure


The generic statement is not included in documents about recognising complications, anaesthetics, treatment options, and disease prevention.


The generic Covid-19 statement is customisable. If you would like to customise or disable the statement, please contact your account manager. The procedure-specific messages are not customisable, if you wish to disable them, your account manager can arrange this for you. See sample of the messaging in the document attached to this article (Sample Covid Messaging.pdf).

Please contact your account manager immediately if you cannot see the updated information (it should appear between the front cover and the first page of the procedure document), or if a document has the incorrect messaging attached.


The generic statement has been translated into the languages available in the EIDO Inform Library. This PDF below (Translated Covid-19 message v2.pdf) can be downloaded and the relevant page printed to provide to the patient with their EIDO information document.

Translations of the procedure-specific messaging is currently in progress and when complete, will automatically be inserted into the corresponding foreign language document when you download it from the EIDO Download Centre.

You will need to provide the patient with the generic statement in the appropriate language in addition to the procedure specific document (that will automatically include the relevant Covid-19 message) that you download from the Download Centre.

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