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Sending Patient Information Document PDF directly to email


When viewing the documents for a procedure, instead of downloading the required PDF, the user has the option to email the PDF directly to an email address.


All regions. Activated for customer account by Territory Manager on request.


When requesting this feature, a customer can specify if they would like the emails to be blind carbon copied to an email address of their choice. The blind carbon copy email can include or exclude the attachment. This is for customers that wish to have a record of sending as EIDO does not maintain any record of sending (nor of failure to deliver for any reason).

After clicking the button to send the document by email, the user will be asked to enter:

  • Full name of recipient (Required field)
  • Email address of recipient (Required field)
  • Email address for copy of email (Not required)

The copy field is in addition to the BCC feature mentioned above and can be used to send a copy to an additional recipient.

This is usually an internal recipient and the CC email address would not be visible to the patient. Clicking Send will send the document to the specified recipient and close the dialogue box. Clicking Send Continue will send the document to the specified recipients and refresh the form in order to send the same document to more patients by filling in the form again with new details and submitting it.


  1. There is no way to confirm email has been delivered or opened. No errors will be reported if the email bounces due to an incorrect email address or any other issue.
  2. After clicking Send or Send Continue, the ‘Sending your document’ message must clear for the sending operation to complete. If it does not clear for any reason (computer disconnects from Internet, computer or browser hangs, etc), it is advisable to resend the document.
  3. The sending and reply-to email address ( is not monitored, neither patients nor customers should use this address for any reason.

Email Formats

These email formats are not customisable per customer, nor can additional content be appended to the email.

The email received by the patient will have the following details:

  • Subject: Information document about your procedure from [customer account name]
  • Sender: [Customer account name]
  • From address:
  • Reply to address:

Email will have the PDF document attached and the message will be as follows:

Dear [Patient name],

Please find attached an information document about your procedure. If you have any questions please contact your hospital directly.

Please do not reply to this email as this mailbox is not monitored.

[Customer account name]

The information contained in this email message may be confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, any use, interference with, disclosure or copying of this material is unauthorised and prohibited. Although this message and any attachments are believed to be free of viruses, no responsibility is accepted by EIDO Systems International or any of its distributors for any loss or damage arising in any way from receipt or use thereof. If you have received this message in error, please delete the message and any attachments.

The emails to CC and BCC addresses are exactly the same, except if the BCC excludes the document.

BCC email excluding document will appear as follows:

Patient: [Patient name]

Patient’s Email: [Patient email address]

Document Number: A03

Document Title: Local Anaesthetic

Date: 2020-02-19

Email details will be:

  • Subject: E-mail confirmation of document sent to patient
  • Sender: EIDO Download Centre
  • From address:
  • Reply to address:

Data Governance

Email addresses need to be typed or pasted into the Send Document dialogue box manually. The EIDO Download Centre does not store any email addresses.

Emails are sent via Amazon Web Services Simple Email Service. No record of email addresses is stored by this service.

Emails that bounce are counted but no email address is stored. Invalid email addresses are harvested from bounce messages and stored in a suppression list to maintain the reputation of the mail server.

We store the document, customer, date and time of sending for analytics purposes. No patient information is included in the analytics data.

In summary, the sending Patient Information Document directly to email feature of the EIDO Inform Download Centre does not at any stage store identifiable information. The customer may have an email record of documents sent and the email addresses they were sent to, if they elected to use the BCC and / or CC feature. However, these records and the related data governance policies are the sole responsibility of the customer.

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