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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is my validation email?

The email normally arrives within a few minutes. Check your junk or spam folder. If you still cannot see it, click on ‘Re-send validation email’ on the login page. If you are told that we cannot find your email address, you may have entered it incorrectly when you registered.

Contact your course administrator or EIDO Healthcare (

Why does my certificate show modules that are incomplete?

Return to the dashboard to see which sections you still need to complete (they are indicated with a small red cross).

I completed the course ‘x’ months/years ago - how can I prove this?

If you completed a previous version of the course, you should find your old certificate on the ‘My account’ page.

Why are some modules ‘greyed out’ on the dashboard?

When you registered, you answered a set of questions to allow BeInformed to recommend which modules you should study. The greyed out modules are not applicable to you, although you can still study them if you wish.

Can I retake the assessment?

Please contact your course administrator, who may be able to reset your assessment.

Who are the administrators at my hospital/trust?

Course administrators are listed on the dashboard when you log in.

What if I move to a different hospital?

If you move to a different hospital, contact EIDO Healthcare. If your new hospital licenses BeInformed, we can transfer your account.

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