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No Patient Contact Information

Patients with no contact information

Introduction: In some scenarios, patients may lack an email address or mobile number but still have the right to consent to treatment. In these cases, it becomes necessary to adapt the Consent Suite functionality accordingly. However, it’s important to note that such patients will not have access to all system functionalities. Warning messages and blocks are now integrated into the dashboard to deter users from attempting to send items that are not compatible or functional.

The following video walks through the affected areas in the system.

Dashboard Warnings: Due to the absence of contact information, patients without an email address or mobile number will be unable to receive any communications through the system. This is highlighted on the patient record and create session screens as shown in the screenshots below.



This type of patient cannot access certain features, such as the dynamic Articles. A block is added to the select screen to limit usage of incompatible options.


Additionally, the system does not support sending consent forms to these patients for remote completion.


Use Case: The primary use case for handling such patients involves obtaining consent face-to-face, typically in a clinical or pre-operative setting. After obtaining consent, procedure information can be provided by downloading and printing it for the patient’s reference.

Impact on Decision Point Component: In workflows where the decision point component has been used, the option to send to patients for remote consent will be deactivated.


Non-Consentable Information Articles: Certain information articles may not be eligible for inclusion in consent forms. In such cases, patients lacking contact information will be unable to receive these articles and they cannot be added to a consent form either. Consequently, the session cannot proceed until alternative arrangements are made.


Conclusion: Managing patients without email addresses or mobile numbers within the consent suite is essential, but requires understanding the limitations and adapting workflows accordingly.

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