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How to send a Dynamic Education Article and Draft Consent Form

The Dynamic module will allow you to send an EIDO patient education article directly to your patient.

The difference with this module is that the link is unique to the patient. This means you will know if the patient has read the article and how long they spent reading it.

Finding the patient

To send an information article to a patient, first search for and select the patient from the list on the left hand side of the dashboard.

Once you have selected the patient from the list you will see their details in the right-hand pane. Before proceeding, double check that the details match those of the patient you intend to send the article to.

If the patient details are incorrect or outdated, please refer to our guide on updating incorrect patient details before proceeding as this information is used to verify the patients' identity when accessing the article.

Search for the article to send

Select the “New consent session” button in the patient timeline, and then search for the procedure you would like to send. You can type in the name of a medical procedure, or the EIDO document code.

For example: “hernia” will bring up all available procedures for hernias. Or an EIDO document code such as GS11 will bring up the ‘Open Inguinal Hernia Repair (female)’ article.

search for hernia showing results

The system will default to send by email, but if there is no email address for the patient, an SMS will be sent.

In the patient timeline, there is now a card for the appendicetomy we just sent. This is coloured orange and the status in the top right says “Article Pending”. This shows that the patient has not yet started to read the article.

Send a Draft Consent Form

To send a draft consent form based on the procedure in this article, just click on the “Send Draft Consent Form” button here, or select options menu > “Send Draft Consent Form

It is also possible to send the article and draft consent form together. When you are searching for the procedure, just check the option to send draft consent form.

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