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Use the PDF module to send a document to your patient

You can send a PDF education document directly to a patient via email.

From the dashboard click the “Send Education PDF” button in the PDF Module.

If you don’t see this button, hover over the menu on the right and select “Send Education PDF”.

A window will popup, which allows you to search for the patient education document required.

You can search for multiple documents and send them to the patient in one email message.

If you have licensed translated versions, then you will see the option to select a foreign language document as shown in the screenshot below.

If you have licensed the accessible versions, then this option will be shown. Note that accessible versions are currently only available in English.

Speak to your EIDO Account Manager to add these extra versions to your subscription

From this screen you can download the selected PDF directly to your computer, to print for a patient. Or select the green “Email to Patient” button.

Next enter the patient’s name and email address.Some customers use the Bcc field as an audit method, to keep a copy of the communication sent to the patient.

The Bcc address can also be configured to be populated automatically each time. Speak to your Account Manager if you would like an address adding here.

Once everything has been filled out, click “Send to Patient”. The PDF will be generated and a few moments later, the patient will receive an email.

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