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Send a standard Article by email or SMS

The Article module allows you to search for a Patient Education article and send it to your patient by email or text message.

Note that this module provides no tracking and is not patient specific. For that, you need the dynamic module. Here is an article about how to send a dynamic article to your patient.

Choose “Send Education Article” from the menu.

Search for the procedure by name or EIDO code.

Click on the “Continue” button, then complete the details for your patient.

Type in the patients name, then choose email or SMS.

You may use the Bcc field to send a copy to your own mailbox, if required.

Click “Send to patient” to complete the process.

Note that none of the patient information given here is stored. It is used to send the email and once sent, is discarded. The patient will receive an email with a link to the article, which they can open on any device.

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