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Explanation of types of patient status

Inform Digital provides visibility of progress throughout the patient’s consent process, showing the status of their individual consent and information article journey as well as next steps to move them forward.

Article Pending

The status updates begin from the moment an information article is sent to the patient. The first status is “Article Pending” to indicate that the patient has not opened the information article.

If a patient says they’ve not received an email with the link to the article, double check their email address is correct and that they’ve checked in their Junk folder. If everything looks fine, you can re-send the article to them and if it’s still not arriving reach out to our support team so we can investigate.

Article Read

Once the patient has completed the article - provided the draft consent form has not yet been sent - the status will change to “Article Read”. This status indicates that the patient has reviewed the information in the article and is in the position to make an informed decision on whether they would like to provisionally consent to proceed. At this point, you can send the draft consent form to them for them to review and provide provisional consent.

Once the patient has completed the draft consent form, their status will change to “Draft Consent Complete”. At this point the final consent form can be downloaded and prepared for the formal consent discussion in person with the patient before the final sign-off is completed. Any notes that the patient has made during their review of the article will be added to the form so any final questions can be addressed ahead of the final sign-off.

The consent form will remain available in the dashboard until the link is expired, it's best-practice to expire the link following the formal consent discussion and final sign-off - assuming that the patient is happy that they understand the procedure.

If a patient declines to consent to a procedure, their status will be updated to “Declined Consent”. At this stage, it’s best to discuss their decision with them and talk about next steps. Even if consent has been declined initially, the patient will still have access to review the procedure information article and will also be able to re-take the consent section should they change their mind and wish to proceed.

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