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How to update incorrect patient data

Confirm patient details

Patient data can sometimes need to be updated, if they have moved or changed phone number.For this reason, it is good practice to confirm the details in the system with the patient directly and then update the system if required.

Patients will need to prove their identity to access their education articles, so it’s important the patient details stored in the system are correct.

Find the patient

Use the search controls in the left hand column to search for and select the patient.

search for demo patient showing patient information

Edit patient details and save

The patient record is displayed on the right.

Select click “Options” from the blue bar at the top, then select “Edit Patient Details”

Note that this functionality may have been deactivated by your hospital due to data privacy reasons. It can also be restricted to an admin-level user only.

You can now enter the correct information for the patient as required.

When you have finished updating the information, click the “Update Patient Details” button at the bottom of the form.

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