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How to update incorrect patient data

Confirm patient details

Patient data in the Inform Digital dashboard is not kept in-sync with your internal patient information database, so if patients are kept in the Inform Digital database for some time it is possible that their stored information may become outdated. For this reason, it is good practice to confirm the details in the system with the patient directly and then update the system if required.

Patients will need to enter data which matches the information stored in the Inform Digital database to access the information articles and provide provisional consent for the procedures, so it is important the patient details stored in Inform Digital are correct.

Find the patient

Once you have the correct details for the patient search for and select the patient from the list on the left hand side of the dashboard.

search for demo patient showing patient information

Edit patient details and save

When you have the patient selected from the list you will see their existing details in the right-hand pane.

Here you can click “Options”, and then select “Edit Patient Details”

You can now enter the correct information for the patient into the fields just as you would when adding a new patient individually.

When you have finished updating the information, click the “Update [Patient] Details” at the bottom of the form.

Once updated, you can proceed to send information articles and draft consent forms to the patient as needed.

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